Know the Impact on Your Business

How GST the New Tax regime will affect Your business in terms of Profitability, Working Capital, Cash Flows & IT Infrastructural changes Let GST Suvidha Analyze for You

  • Transaction Mapping & AS-IS Business Process
  • GST Impact Areas
  • Requirement Analysis for changes- Business & IT Infrastructure
  • Impact Assessment Report

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Package Details

What are you Paying For ?

  • Know how GST is Going to Impact your business
  • Know changes in Operating Cost, Profitability, Working Capital requirements, IT reporting system & other aspects
  • Get Professional help to frame strategies for :
    • Inventory level
    • Logistics strategy
    • Transitional Period C/F of Input Tax Credit
    • IT Infrastructure

Answer to Your Queries

This will help you to resolve your various queries

  • How a person should do business in GST?
  • How do I have to purchase my Goods/Inputs?
  • Do I need to register for GST if I am currently not registered?
  • How to be more competitive and beat competitors in GST regime?
  • What would be my pricing?
  • What changes I need to do in my current IT framework in order to be GST ready?
  • What kind of taxes I need to charge in GST?
  • How will I pay these taxes?
  • How will I do the invoice matching?
  • How to manage stock transfers? C&F? Distributors?
  • Will I be subjected to audit?

Who should take this Package ?

Person who are liable to get registered under GST

  • Existing Business dealing in trading or manufacturing
  • Startups dealing in trading or manufacturing
  • Service Providers providing online or offline services

Services covered under this Package

Following shall be the approach of GST Suvidha to Analyze Your Impact

  • The impact of GST on Profit & Loss A/c, i.e. How GST will Impact my Profits.(For example currently CST/Entry tax is a cost which adds to the cost of product, but now these won't be there in GST and it will result in reduction of prices)- this will lead to more competitive pricing and increase in volume and profit.
  • Impact of GST on Working capital and cash flows , i.e. How much more Capital I need to bring into my business in the GST regime.( Since the tax liability will increase in GST, additional working capital would be required )
  • Impact of GST on the business structure : In this aspect, we Map down the entire business of client and provide implication of GST on individual transactions.(For example : Sales/Purchases/stock transfers/business processes).
  • Tax Saving and tax planning on roll out of GST :i.e. how a business man can save tax under the current regime , when GST will be rolled out.

Documents Required

List of Documents that be required to Assess GST Impact on Your Business

  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss A/C
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Trail Balance
  • VAT Returns
  • Service Tax Returns
  • Central Excise Returns

Procedure of Package


  • Package Subscription
  • Professional Assigned
  • Upload Documents on our Site
  • Information Gathering Meetings/Discussions
  • Delivery of Impact Assessment Report

Just for Rs.49,999/-
Start Now
Make Online Payment

*Inclusive of Service Tax
*Terms & Conditions Apply