The person who satisfies all the following conditions must file Form Tran 2

  1. The person aiming to claim the ITC should be registered under GST but should not be registered under any pre-GST regime.
  2. The person should not possess any invoice or other documents that act as an evidence of payment of taxes.
  3. The person should neither be a manufacturer nor a supplier of services under Central Excise or Service Tax respectively.
  4. The closing stock should be lying on 30thJune 2017.

Filing Of Tran-2

  • Form TRAN – 2 can be filed by a dealer/trader who has registered for GST, but was unregistered under the old regime. Such a dealer who does not have a VAT or excise invoice for stocks held by them on 30th June 2017, can use TRAN -2 to claim tax credit on the stock with them.
  • Tran 2 form will be filed monthly from July 2017 to December 2017.
  • A manufacturer or service provider cannot file Form GST TRAN – 2. 
  • TRAN-2 has to be filed by a dealer or trader at the end of every month, when stock is sold reporting the details to claim input tax credit.

Details to be mentioned

    1. GSTIN: Provide GSTIN
    2. Name of Taxable Person: Provide name here
    3. Tax period: mention the month and year for which this form is being filed
    4. Details of inputs held on stock on 1st July for which you do not have any invoice/document evidencing payment of tax carried forward to electronic credit ledger.
    5. Stock held with no supporting document showing payment of Excise Duty(Central Tax)

If we do not have a document showing the payment of Excise Duty , then you are supposed to fill the following details – 

Here you must give details of the Stock in the following manner:-

  1. In column 1, HSN code of the opening stock for the month
  2. In column 2, the unit of measurement of the opening stock for the month
  3. In column 3, quantity of opening stock for the month
  4. In column 4, quantity of goods sold in the month
  5. In column 5, taxable value of goods sold for the month
  6. In column 6, if sold intra state mention CGST
  7. In column 7, if goods sold are sold interstate, then the amount of IGST paid must be mentioned.
  8. In column 8, credit of central tax(input credit of CGST) claimed shall be
    • If the CGST paid in column 6 is 9% or more than the ITC to be claimed is 60% of column 6. If not then it is 40% of column 6
    • If the IGST paid in column 7 is 18% or more, then the ITC to be claimed is 30% of column 7. If not then it is 20% of column 6.
    • Below is the link of Format of GST TRAN-2
    • GST TRAN-1

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