The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is a non-profit, public private partnership company. Its primary purpose is to provide IT infrastructure and services to central and state governments, taxpayers and other stakeholders, thereby facilitating the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).GSTN is called the backbone of GST.

The state and central governments collectively holds 49.5%share. Through this platform, stakeholder files or submits their taxes.

 For taxpayers, GSTN will cater to functions such as filing registration applications, filing returns, creating challan for tax payment, settling IGST payment (like a clearing house), and generating business intelligence and analytics. Checking the claim of Input Tax Credit (ITC) is one of the fundamental pillars of GST, for which data of Business to Business (B2B) invoices will be uploaded by taxpayers and matched by GSTN.

Sale and purchase transactions data that will be uploaded by the taxpayer to the GSTN portal will, for the first time, contain a Combination Key comprised of the supplier’s GSTIN, invoice number, financial year, and HSN/SAC Code. This will make each line in GST database unique. Correct data entry of this key field will therefore be very important for taxpayer compliance. Wrong data feeding in this important field may result in mismatches between seller information and the buyer’s claim for GST credit, and, unless rectified, eventual denial of credit to buyer. For this aspect of GST compliance, support from enriched APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is of great value to taxpayers.

Being supplier if I am making B2B transaction or B2C transaction more than 2.5lakh rupees I have to upload each of the invoices on GSTN network.

 If   I am  running on SAP, ORACLE, TALLY or any other accounting package can I upload the GST requisite encrypted data directly to the GSTN network?

SAP and ORACLE may have number of fields available but GSTN does not want all of them to be uploaded on GSTN. They want requisite particulars in tax invoices to be uploaded.

Out of number of particulars I have to pick up the requisite data which is required for GST perspective. So what happen by ‘Push or Pull technology’ from my software, there should be one Connector.ASP and GSP help in this section.

ASP: They are preparing connector or software. With this connecter or software they will pull or push the data from the software and data will get encrypted in GST requisite form.

GSP: GSP is nothing but a fireball. ASP is converting the raw data into GST requisite data and through fireball GSP it is getting uploaded on GSTN network.

GSTN is going to work with the help of ASP and GSP. They have appointed around 70 ASP and GSP but only some are effective application service provider today which are developing connector.

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