In the current indirect tax regime, traders need to take registration under state VAT when their turnover exceeds prescribed threshold limit. In the GST regime, a trader needs to take registration in each of the state from where he is supplying his good. The compliance is quaterly for the dealers/traders registered under the current indirect tax regime.But in the GST regime,the compliance burden will be increasing as there will be monthly compliance. Every month a trader /dealer needs to file an outward return by 10th and inward return by 15th and a reconciliation by 20th. This compliance is quite cumbersome for a businessman who has to focus on the operations and growth of his business. Business will be disrupted if the owner will focus on the compliance, matching part. GST Suvidha is providing solution to these traders by providing a standalone system, which will ease their GST hassle and they can focus on success and growth of their business.

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